Cryptocurrency Chat Groups

First download the telegram messaging up on your phone or use the desktop version. Telegram is the most popular messaging app among English-speaking traders. The other is WeChat, but those tend to be in Chinese, and the English ones are exclusive, invite-only elite groups.

Telegram Groups

Whaleclub: The largest cryptocurrency trading group at almost 3000 users. mainly focused on Bitcoin and Forex. This chat group is the most well-known and easiest to join group by far, so everyone and their grandma is in it. The quality of discussion is what you'd expect for a chatroom overcrowded with scrubs. Flibbr and BTCVIX founded the whaleclub brand. The discussions are better discussions in their teamspeak channel, which gets occasional visits from exchange owners and influential people. I almost never check this channel.

Whalepool: This is also a channel started by Flibbr, apparently to get away from the overcrowded rabble in his original room after his failling out with BTCVIX. Some familiar faces here and popular traders, basically whaleclub but less bad.

The Coin Farm: The largest and most active altcoin-focused trading chat groups at almost 2000 users. A good place to hear breaking news before it hits twitter. Be prepared for politically incorrect banter, drunk rants, excessive trolling, and shills. Occasional discussion about prices and analysis. Founded by Drei4u in 2016, I think I'm a mod there or something.

Blockfolio: A chatroom started by Masternode, a well-known professional poker player in the cryptocurrency scene, to discuss the blockfolio smartphone app, one of the best altcoin trading tools. Naturally when you get that many altcoiners together they tend to stick around. Fairly strict moderation.